Why Is It So Important to Gain a Solid Education?

Stephen Kurtzahn
November 6, 2022

While we were growing up, many of us were told that an education is necessary to succeed in life. Why is that?  When you sat at your desk listening to your teacher, you probably felt going to school was a waste of time, or it was just a necessary evil so you could make a living when you grew up. But learning is far more important than just helping you to please your folks or start a career. The truth is, gaining a solid education is a real blessing!

So what does it mean to be educated?

To be educated means that you’ve gained the comprehension and discernment of many different subjects that you can apply to everyday life. You don’t just learn by reading books. There’s also the “school of hard knocks,” as old-timers used to say. That’s simply education in the real world.

What are the reasons why it’s important to have an education?                                                        

People think of education in many different ways, but almost everyone believes education is important.

Education offers stability, which is something no one can ever take from you. After you gain an education and hold that hard-earned degree, you have more and better employment opportunities. Doors open for you.

Besides offering you a stable foundation, being educated also gives you security when it comes to your finances. Having an education will help you develop the talents you need  to be hired for that well-paying job with a high salary.

For people in our society to become truly equal, education needs to be the starting point. If all men and women were given the same chances for a good education, there wouldn’t be such large discrepancies between the sexes when it comes to salary levels and advancement opportunities. Everyone would have a shot at a well-paying career, not just men, and not just those who are born into wealthy families.

Education is also important for our own personal independence.  No one can steal from us what we’ve learned, so we can better depend on ourselves and our own knowledge and talents for the challenges and opportunities in everyday life.  

If you can visualize something good happening to you in the future, it’s very possible you’ll be able to accomplish it. A good education will help you reach those goals. Certainly there are dreams that are difficult to fulfill, but overall, gaining a good education may take you as far as you want to go!

An education isn’t just needed personally, but it’s something that can help make this globe a safer and more peaceful place in which to live. Education can also teach people what’s right and wrong, and protect them from falling into dangerous situations.

Self-confidence is an important aspect of living a life of success. Being educated is a wonderful way to gain such a confident attitude. How many years of education you have and how many degrees you hold are often considered a measurement that proves how much you know. It can also provide the confidence you need to voice your thoughts and ideas when they’re most needed.

In the 21st century, having received a solid education is also considered a necessary part of being respected by your peers. Being educated aids in making you an invaluable addition to the world around you.

Finally, education is also necessary for a strong national economy. Our country needs citizens who are constantly learning, researching and discovering, so we can continue to be inventive.  Nations where large numbers of the population are able to read are usually better off financially and economically than those countries where the majority are illiterate.

So is it important to gain a solid education? You bet it is! 

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