Why Friendship in the Workplace Matters

Caitlyn Knuth
November 13, 2022

For the vast majority of people across the nation and globe, work is a vital part of daily life. It’s an essential route to supporting ourselves and our loved ones financially. While many of us aim to have work lives that are meaningful and aligned with our personal interests, it’s also fair to say that sometimes, our jobs are more about survival than passion.

However, just because work is something that we have to do on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean we can’t look for ways to make it more enjoyable! A big factor in making work a more positive experience overall is having authentic friendships in the workplace. No, not everyone is automatically going to get along starting on day one. However, even a single friend in the office can make all the difference. Here’s why those friendships matter so much.

Workplace Friendships Create Trust and Inclusion Within Professional Teams

Most work goals require teamwork. Teamwork is always made easier when the people on your team also happen to be your friends, too. Creating a sense of trust and inclusion is more easily built on a foundation of close friends who not only understand each other but support each other along the way.

Professional teams made up of individuals who truly value one another as friends also have more success when it comes to finding solutions to challenges in a productive way. Authentic friendships on professional teams typically lead to a more confident group where members are willing to support and assist one another beyond the parameters of their own individual responsibilities. Knowing your team is filled with friends can lower stress levels, and give team members more reasons to work towards a common goal in the name of mutual respect and admiration.

Friendship Makes Work More Enjoyable

While it’s unrealistic to think you’re going to be best friends with everyone at work—having a good friend or two certainly makes work more fun! Even if the work itself is slightly monotonous, knowing you have friends at your side in the workplace can make it all that more manageable. Work might even become something to look forward to over time.

The option to balance out work responsibilities with meaningful conversations, jokes, and fun with others who are experiencing a similar work situation can help avoid burnout in the long run. This sense of community lends itself to a sense of belonging at work which also makes for a more welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

Authentic Friendships at Work Keep Employees Around Longer

Those who feel isolated at work are more likely to leave a company sooner. Having a good friend or two in the workplace typically sees employees sticking around! This is a trend that’s positive for professional teams, companies, and individuals alike.

Having authentic friendships in the workplace provides employees with a sense of life balance, even when they’re away from their families. It can also increase productivity, professional motivation, and the quality of deliverable results. When employees are satisfied with their work, workplace relationships and the company grow as a result—everyone wins!

A Friendship Can Go a Long Way at Work

For individuals and professional teams alike, fostering authentic friendships is a key to success and longevity. Yes, work can be innately stressful, but having friendships built into the experience creates a sense of support and belonging from the start. These friendships often take time to cultivate, but once they’re established, work becomes more rewarding for everyone involved. That’s something that’s worth putting time and effort into no matter what your line of work may be.

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