Transforming Education with Augmented Reality

Kelsey Opel
October 30, 2022

The world of technology is ever-changing and has impacted multiple industries. The United Nations describes how technology has drastically increased connectivity around the world over the years. Technology has been monumental in saving lives with medical advancements and has transformed the classroom with iPads and digital technology. One of the fastest growing technological tools impacting education is the exciting use of Augmented Reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a digital experience viewed in the physical world. Through AR-capable devices, such as smartphones or tablets, you can observe virtual experiences in real life. For example, if you’re shopping for furniture, you can use the IKEA app on your phone to create 3D models of the furniture and view it on the screen where you’d like to place it in the room.

Many businesses use AR technology to train their employees. VirtualSpeech is an app where you can use Virtual Reality (VR) glasses to practice your public speaking skills in front of a digital audience. Police officers also use AR for professional experiences to practice scenarios that could happen on the job.

AR tools are also an excellent addition to the classroom and provide many opportunities for a unique learning environment.

What are the Benefits?

Many classrooms have started incorporating AR learning. From virtually exploring historical landmarks to investigating ancient artifacts, there are many experiences students can engage with.

AR presents an incredible opportunity for immersive learning, which builds further excitement and engagement in their educational experiences. Through AR learning, students also practice collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills. Students can use apps such as SkyView to explore constellations and learn about astrology. They can also use Froggipedia to dissect a frog digitally. AR is a fantastic tool to foster imagination in students and build excitement over lifelong learning.

How Can I Get Started?

Whether you’re a teacher looking to elevate your learning content in the classroom or a parent searching for fun ways to educate your child, there are many easy and affordable ways to get started with AR. Many apps are available on smartphones or tablets to incorporate into your learning experience. Some apps require subscriptions, while others are free for teachers to use in the classroom.

The Tech Edvocate lists their favorite educational apps for the classroom, including Curiscope, a program that helps students learn about science, and Catchy Words, an engaging experience that helps students with spelling.

Technology continues to evolve society and impact businesses and classrooms. AR is a valuable learning tool that allows students an immersive experience to further their excitement about education and lifelong learning.

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