Staying Connected With Your Remote Team

Kelsey Opel
September 30, 2022

      While some companies have worked remotely for years, the pandemic has forever changed the work dynamic. With many teams still working remotely or in a hybrid environment, it’s important for your employees to feel valued and connected.

      The virtual work environment can feel lonesome at times. Maybe your employees work in their home office in the same city. Maybe your team is located worldwide. Either way, there are many ways for them to feel connected.

      Team building activities are a valuable way to create friendships among your employees and help them feel more appreciated in their work.

 What Are Team Building Activities?

     Many might think team building involves awkward icebreaker questions or having a “show and tell” during a meeting, but there are many unique activities to involve your team.

     From virtual wine tastings to digital escape rooms, it’s important for your teams to connect outside of their jobs. Giving them a fun activity will help them deepen their friendships to create a more productive work environment.

     Many companies can plan virtual or in-person events for your team. Get creative and discover what your team likes to do outside of work. Is there an activity your team can enjoy together?

     Many companies offer unique virtual team building events, like online cooking classes or murder mystery parties. A quick google search will pull up lots of interesting ideas to involve your team in an exciting event.

The Benefits of Team Building

     There are many benefits to team building with your remote team. Team Building Hub mentions several positives, including:

•  Creating collaboration among your remote team

•  Boosting morale

•  Fostering creativity and productivity

•  Improving your team’s communication

•  Accessible anywhere!

     Whether your team works remotely or you’re transitioning back into the office, there are many virtual or in-person activities to keep your work culture healthy and connected.

Why Team Building Is Important

     Forbes emphasizes that team building is one of the most important investments you can make for your team. They mention that the most successful team building activities are ones that don’t feel like a typical day at the office.

      If your team is located in the same city, invite them out of their home office to connect over an in-person activity. Many companies, such as TopGolf or iFly, can host corporate events for your team. You can even engage them in a day of volunteering for your favorite cause.

     Successful team building activities will help your employees feel valued and create loyalty. Employee loyalty is essential for a positive work culture, which also boosts employee retention. Your team will be proud to work for your company, and that pride will shine in their work.

     Whether you schedule a fun team building activity every week or every few months, this event will give your employees something exciting to look forward to. It will also shake up their routine and give them a break from their lists of tasks. They’ll return to work more creative, productive and efficient.

     Team building is a great way to connect with your remote team and foster a successful and happy work environment. The best part of all, with today’s evolving technology, there’s no better time to get started!

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