Speak to God; He Wants to Hear You

Esther Nnadozie
August 28, 2022

You have been friends with Jane for two years. However, in these two years of friendship, you notice that Jane only calls you when she wants to get something from you. Once her name flashes across your phone screen, you know she is about to make a request. On the other hand, Mary, another friend for two years, calls you regularly to check up on you, invites you to hang out, and sometimes takes you out at her own expense.

Naturally, who would you be fonder of? Who would you have a stronger bond with? Will your feelings towards Jane and Mary be the same? Who is likely to evoke feelings of love and compassion? Who are you more likely to tilt towards? Mary, because of communication.

As humans, we do not like to be treated as options. We all want to feel special. We want to see our friends and family love us through their actions, not only words. These actions include spending time with one another, words of affirmation, and communication. 

Communication plays a vital role in every relationship. For a relationship to grow and be healthy, communication is important. So, why don’t we prioritize communication with God? It is the same with God. You need to talk to Him to have a bond. Talking to God will draw you closer to Him. God has given us the means to speak to Him directly through prayer. We don’t realize how much of a privilege that is, and we take it for granted.

Often, we think of prayer as an obligation, a quick fix, or a remedy of last resort. But prayer is simply speaking to your Father anytime and anywhere.

Prayer can sound difficult, like a huge task you must qualify for. But prayer is just talking to God. Do you know the amazing thing? He wants to hear you! He wants to hear your voice. We always talk about how we want to hear from God, but God wants to hear from you, too. Communication is a two-way street. You speak to God, and He listens. He speaks to you, and you listen.

He wants to hear about the things you do–the things you think are big or little, the co-worker that pissed you off at work, your kids driving you off the roof, the lecturers that get on your nerves, the man or woman you like, and how inflation is annoying. God is interested in everything that concerns you.

Many times, we don’t pray because we are waiting for the right time or mood. Prayer is not a special event that needs elaborate preparation. Neither is there a specific method to speak to God. You can talk to Him like you would speak to a friend; one thing is certain: He ALWAYS listens. Always. 

 Jeremiah 29:12 “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you.”

Many people pray before a meal, immediately after they wake up, or before retiring to bed. But it doesn’t have to end there. Prayer is a conversation with God that you shouldn’t restrict to a specific time frame. You can talk to God while driving, walking, working, or studying.

When anything happens in my life, I am always eager to share the news with my friends. God wants to be that kind of friend to you. You should speak to God about anything and everything that comes up in your day. He doesn’t want to be kept in the corner and only remembered during your bad days. God wants to share in your joy, too.

In this new week, go to God like a child who is excited to relay all the events of their day to their parent. Imagine how happy God is every time we come to Him. We remember to speak to Him because we love Him and not because of things we can get from Him. So go ahead this week, and show God that you love Him!



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