Self-Sufficiency Saves Money

Yaneke Wright-Lewis
December 7, 2022

Do you spend money as a need or out of being lazy? What if there were things you could do for yourself to save money?

Here are six tasks you can start doing for more financial freedom. 

Grow Vegetables

Sometimes I see or hear of people growing crops, and it surprises me how easy it can be. Take garlic, for instance. You pull apart a whole head of organic garlic and plant a single clove. Within nine months, you have whole garlic with very little maintenance. The same is true for sweet potatoes. A sweet potato stem can be divided into several slips, each growing into a whole new plant! You may not be able to produce every crop you like, but you can grow vegetables you always use, and that will reduce your grocery expenses.

Raise (or Hunt) Your Own Meat

If you eat animal products, you can save money by either learning to hunt and fish, raise your meat animals, or both. Melissa K. Norris does both. She raises meat birds and has egg layers and a dairy cow. However, once per year, her family goes crabbing. You might not be able to grow all your meat, but having some egg layers around and going fishing now and then can cut costs.

Harvest Water

While conservation is a good practice, nothing can beat the feeling of freedom when you turn on a pipe and know you won't be charged for it. You can use a simple roof gutter and drum setup or dig ponds to catch the rain. If you're fortunate, you might find land with a spring or well. Once it's tested or treated for potability, the rest is a beautiful, bill-less history.

Prepare Your Own Salt

Water can be harvested from a part of the sea where there is no industrial or intense commercial activity, left to settle, then the top layer poured off. That transparent portion that's free of debris can then be slowly boiled and stirred and then put to dry in the sun. You will eventually have salt crystals formed. Imagine having your free supply of salt to use at home!

Use Natural Medicine 

My children recently had a cough that would not go away and which kept them up at night. No store-bought medication helped. So my husband got some 'cold bush' which I boiled and gave to the children as tea before bed. They slept throughout the night. 

Each local flora is different, but growing or foraging for medicinal herbs is a free way to treat and even prevent some common ailments. Learn about the plants you have around you and master the knowledge of how to use them.

Use Manual Appliances 

The initial cost of some of these appliances might be a barrier. However, the quality is typically better, so they will outlast many fancier gadgets. You will save money because you won't have to repair or replace them as often. You will also save on your bills by not using electricity or gasoline to power them. Devices like washing machines, lawnmowers, coffee mills, juicers, and food processors are just the beginning.

Saving money by becoming more self-sufficient will free up funds to do other things. It's also beneficial to your peace of mind to know you have one less bill to think about.


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