Favorite Reasons to Drink Coffee

Victoria Stankus
October 30, 2022

Drinking coffee is a popular lifestyle choice that has made coffee become one of the world's most popular drinks. Why is it so popular? What is it about this drink that makes most of us enjoy drinking it?

Several years ago, I decided to do my own little email poll and out of the 45 family and friends I heard from, 71% were coffee drinkers, even if only occasionally (32 out of 45), and 29% did not drink it at all. Here are their reasons for drinking it:

56%   drank it for the caffeine / pick-me-up / energy

44%   liked the taste

27%   drank it out of habit or routine

20%   drank it for the warmth

19%   enjoyed coffee with friends (social drinkers)

13%   loved the smell

13%   said it was comforting, gave them good feelings, coziness

6% drank it for health reasons

3% said they were addicted to it

3% said it was a non-caloric warm drink

3% said it was more convenient than other hot drinks

I don't remember the exact time when I started drinking coffee on a regular basis but I know it wasn't because I wanted the caffeine. I also did not start drinking it for the taste (although, now, I really do enjoy the taste, especially when I use flavoring). As I think back, I realize the biggest reason I started drinking coffee was for the smell (the aroma), as well as it being a comforting beverage for me to start out my day.

What is the big deal about the smell?  To answer that, let me ask you a question first:  What favorite memories do you have of your childhood home? If you really think about it, you will notice that many of your favorite memories are based on a smell (whether pleasing or not). Do you remember fresh baked bread? Cookies? A favorite meal? What about flowers in the garden, a lilac bush, wet hay, barn smells, the smell of rain, pine needles from a Christmas tree, a pipe or a cigar, or maybe even some stinky feet? Everyone has a different lifestyle and different memories, but our sense of smell can cause us to remember the things from our past. For me, one of the smells that reminds me of my childhood is a pot of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. I never liked the taste of coffee when I was growing up, and I didn't understand what was so good about it. But I always saw my parents enjoying it, and I saw them being hospitable when they offered a cup to our guests.

For many years after I left home, I never made coffee unless my parents came for a visit. My husband didn't drink it either (he still doesn't). But, as the years passed, I started missing that smell. So, one chilly Saturday morning, I decided to make a pot to help warm me up. I found out I enjoyed it, and it quickly became a Saturday morning ritual for me. Then, it eventually expanded to where I am now drinking it almost every morning. I like the taste, I like the warmth, I like the smell, and I like the cozy feelings it gives me. It is a nice way to start my day. 

What about you? What scent-filled memories do you have from your childhood home? And, if you have children of your own, what “smelly” memories are you now making for them to be able to look back on one day?

FYI:  October 1st is “International Coffee Day.” It is a day set aside to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage and celebrate those who work hard to make us able to prepare the 3 billion cups of coffee that are made each day.





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