Don’t Overlook Your Hometown the Next Time You’re Travel Planning

Caitlyn Knuth
August 28, 2022

Dreaming about the list of places we long to travel to is an all too human experience. Just about everyone can relate to the feeling of wanting to shed the daily routine and replace it with time well-spent somewhere far from any demands or responsibilities.

It’s fair to say that travel planning often pops up as a priority in our lives when we feel we’re in need of a break. However, travel also comes with added benefits that make it an endlessly appealing prospect for other reasons.

Travel is typically tied to new experiences that give us the gift of a new perspective, too. Whether we learn to see people or places in a new light, travel opens up the potential for learning in so many ways. When we travel, we have a chance to try new languages, meet new people, and face circumstances that test our sense of self.

Traveling asks us to think and move differently through the world for a while. In doing so, it can make us more creative people. Sometimes, it offers up a new view we didn’t know we needed to appreciate the world we live in.

Consider Taking Time to Travel Through Your Hometown

When it’s time to book that next trip, many of us will initially look to far-flung destinations without a second thought. In many ways, we’re conditioned to think that finding something new and exciting to embrace and discover means putting plenty of miles between here and there.

While traveling to distant destinations can certainly lead to awe-inspiring moments, the truth is we can also find those experiences in our own hometown if we’re willing to give it a try. Home may initially feel too familiar to be a novel destination, but what if it’s only a feeling and not a reality?

The places we’re from are constantly growing and changing around us, even if we don’t take time to notice the small differences within the routine of our daily lives. Sometimes, all it requires to find that refreshing travel boost we crave is to step beyond the threshold of our front door. Here, the possibility of finding a new perspective in a place we assumed we knew so well is very much within reach. The following are a few simple ways you can turn your hometown into a great travel destination the next time you’re looking to get away.

Follow the Tourist Trail

Avoiding tourist traps is often recommended if you’re looking for a more in-depth experience in a new location. However, when you’re exploring your hometown in a brand-new way, flipping the script here is ideal! Every town big and small has a few places that locals rarely visit but visitors always want to see. When you’re touring your hometown, it’s time to take those destinations to heart and make a point to visit each and every one if possible.

This is often a strategy that surprises locals hoping to travel through their hometown in a new way. Taking that landmark or activity you always deemed exclusively “for tourists” and trying it out for the first time can be extremely refreshing and fun!

Dine Somewhere Different

Within the boundaries of the place we call home, it’s easy to fall into routines that limit us to specific destinations. This is often the case when it comes to dining out. It’s typical for residents of a city to stick exclusively to those restaurants they find familiar over the years.

Turning your hometown into your next travel destination is an opportunity to expand your culinary horizons in big ways. Chances are that while you’ve been frequenting your favorite spots over and over with family and friends, new places to enjoy something savory have popped up on the city map. The challenge here would be to try as many as possible during your vacation time. Treating your local restaurant scene like it’s an entirely new city is a great way to feel completely transported without leaving the city limits at all.

Consult a Travel Guide

Not all of us consider our hometowns worthy of a travel guide. That said, a quick online search or bookstore visit will likely reveal that your hometown does in fact merit a lineup of travel suggestions and topics to explore!

It can be difficult to remember, but everyone’s hometown is someone else’s destination to visit. Those who have come this way from out of town have likely taken time to find places and points of interest you may not even have known existed. Following their lead is an incredible way to dig into your hometown like it’s a new place on the map. It may even help you find a new point of connection with home that gives you more appreciation for the place you’re from in the long run.

It’s Time to Explore, What Are You Waiting For?

Travel planning is always exciting, but you don’t want to overlook your hometown just because it’s within reach. Travel is a journey and when that adventure is right at your fingertips, it’s worth looking into. Happy hometown travels!

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