Create an Inspired Space at Home With a Few Simple & Decorative Additions

Caitlyn Knuth
September 21, 2022

Your home is typically designed to be your safe space in life. Coming home should feel like stepping into an oasis of comfort and security from the moment you walk through the door.

But just because it’s a cozy place to call your own doesn’t mean home can’t be an inspiring destination, too! The good news is that achieving an interior aesthetic that provides inspiration doesn’t require a full remodel. Instead, it can come down to a few simple and decorative additions to a single room or space.

These small changes can work wonders when it comes to helping you access a hopeful vibe and keep your eyes on the creative horizon. The following are just a few options to consider.

Paint in Purple

Whether it’s a reading nook that you’re revamping or a full room in the house, painting the walls an eye-catching shade of purple can be an inspiring choice.  Research has shown that the colors you surround yourself with can directly affect your mood. Purple is often associated with a sense of enhanced creative perspective.

Going with a rich purple tone on an accent wall can bring a little romantic mystery into the aesthetic as well. Sticking with a light lavender or lilac hue is a good option when you’re working in a space with a lot of natural light. No matter what shade you go with, it just might be a mood-boosting color addition you’ve been searching for that gets those creative juices flowing!

Incorporate Global-Inspired Decor

Even if the schedule doesn’t allow you to travel at this very moment in time, your home can be a place that inspires thoughts of far-flung destinations daily. This could be exactly the motivation you need to keep working towards that next adventure.

Incorporating global-inspired decor into a room or workspace in your home is a good place to start. These decorative additions should reflect places you’ve been as well as places you hope to go to keep a fresh perspective on potential future travel.

Decorative globes and travel trinkets are always a nice way to spruce up an empty shelf with a little added travel inspiration. Similarly, adding vintage travel posters to a modern space can create an appealing aesthetic contrast.  When reflecting on trips you’ve taken is what keeps you motivated and happy, filling a colorful wall in the home with travel photos of all shapes and sizes is a great way to keep past travels very much alive in the present moment.

Include Oversized and Colorful Floor Pillows in the Mix

A few colorful and oversized floor pillows can make a huge difference when it comes to creating a calm, cozy, and inspired vibe in any room in your home. The pattern and color options available are vast, making these decorative additions easy to customize according to personal preference. Having these welcoming floor pillows easily accessible is also a good reminder to take some time out of your daily routine to simply breathe and relax.

Oversized decorative throw pillows can add a pop of color to a room while also inspiring you to take some time to meditate and refocus on what’s important in life. As a decorative bonus, these pillows are simple to switch up and swap out when you’re inspired to change the aesthetic without rearranging the entire room!

A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

Creating an inspired space at home doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. A few simple decorative additions are often all it takes to gain a new and refreshing perspective. Give these a try and see where your inspired mindset takes you!

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