A Staycation May Be Exactly What You Need

Becky Light
August 28, 2022

Sailing away to an exotic Pacific beach may be a dream vacation for many. For others, sipping hot chocolate at the top of a snowy mountain or snapping photos on safari are on the bucket list. In reality, air travel complications and commitments closer to home have us reconsidering the benefits of a staycation. The good news is that you can have a relaxing and memorable time in your own city while saving travel time and money.

On a staycation, your vacation begins when you shut the door. Make that a point of delineation between work and rest with a purposeful turn of the lock. There is no stress that comes with packing up the kids or making your way through amusement park traffic. Whether you travel across your living room or across the globe, your mental state will determine its success. Take the time you need to decompress from a hectic work schedule, so that you can be present in your time to have fun.

On a staycation, you are benefiting your local community. Being a tourist in your own town means your tax dollars stay right where you need them. Check out the local bistro you’ve been wanting to visit. Spend the night at a local boutique hotel or an Airbnb in a cool neighborhood nearby. You are also benefiting your community by helping the environment. Responsible tourism means you are leaving less of an impact on the world. Reducing the flights we take and the miles we drive also reduces our carbon footprint. Stopping by your local farmers market on your staycation means healthy food for you and a healthier environment, too.

On a staycation, you will fall in love with your city all over again. How long has it been since you’ve been to your local zoo? Have you checked out the latest exhibit at the art museum yet? We pass by many fascinating places on our daily commute and even make a mental note that we should visit them when we have the time. Don’t save the tourist attractions for when you have out of town guests. Go to the aquarium and become mesmerized by the jellyfish. Speed down the hills of the roller coaster. Experience all there is within your own town. You’ll be surprised at what you’ve been missing.

On a staycation, you can enjoy your own comfy bed-and so can your pet. Hotels are a fine place to crash after a busy day, but you know your own bed will always be top choice. When you stay local, your luxurious naps and late morning wake up time can be familiar and cozy. Your dog will also appreciate staying on your bed, too, instead of at doggy camp. Good quality sleep is something most Americans lack, so use your staycation to relax as much as possible. Sleep is also the most affordable activity available for your time off.


On a staycation, you can make unique choices for lasting memories. If you long for the outdoors, set up a campsite in your backyard. Grab the camping gear and lock the house behind you. You can cook over an open fire and sleep under the stars. Leave the electronics inside, even if the WiFi works great in the tent. If you are in the mood for pampering, grab your best buddy and head to a spa for a day full of facials and massage. Your goal is not to knock things off the honey-do list. Your goal is to enjoy an amazing time with your family and friends.

Your staycation is limited only by your imagination. It is important to disconnect from the interruptions of everyday life, and it takes effort to do so when you choose a staycation. Don’t tell people you are staying home during vacation time. Put up that proverbial Do Not Disturb sign and step away from daily distractions.

By choice or by circumstance, the reason for your staycation doesn’t matter. With some thoughtful planning and clever choices, you can return to work after two days or two weeks refreshed and revitalized. You’ll also be smiling because everything you did on vacation you can do again this weekend. Enjoy!  

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