5 Ways to Learn by Teaching

Yaneke Wright-Lewis
August 28, 2022

"See one, do one, teach one" was developed by William Stewart Halsted, the first Chief of Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. It is a method of learning in which a new procedure is first observed, then conducted, then taught to another trainee.  

Studies show that the last step in Halsted's method (also called the protégé effect) helps with retention and deeper understanding. If you're enrolled in a course and want some help with studying, here are five ways you can learn by teaching.

Group study

Group study can be used to learn by teaching. This can happen when a study group leader creates stimulation within the group by:

  1. Leading revision in the group
  2. Making questions and quizzes for the group members, and even marking them. 

For your benefit, take the plunge and volunteer to be that person! 


In one study reported by the American Educational Research Journal, tutoring was found to help not only the children who were tutored but also the tutors. They obtained a better understanding of the topics and had an improved attitude toward the subject matter they taught to other children. 

If you want to get a better grasp on subject matter, consider joining a tutoring program in your church, community center, or charity. If you can't find one in your area, start one! Find teens who could use the extra help and be creative in helping them:

  • Offer weekend tutoring sessions. 
  • Do summer school.
  • Arrange pre-exam revision boot camps.


In one study led by Aloysius Wei Lun Koh, students studied a topic after being told they would be required to teach it. One group was asked to recall all the information they could by writing it down. When the various groups were tested, the students who had previously written down the material from memory were among the top performers. 

Leslie Samuel, an accomplished blogging coach, testified that he landed a job as a Biology professor from his Biology blog. You might not become a professor, but blogging is a great way to learn by teaching others through your writing. You can try free blogging platforms like WordPress.com, blogger.com, and many more!


If you can talk in front of a camera, you can solidify your learning by teaching on YouTube. You can do revisions, teach on a specific topic, or go live with Q and A sessions. You can also create PowerPoints from your knowledge and upload them as videos.


Starting a podcast is another great way to learn by teaching. It takes less time to prepare than a video, and it might be more comfortable. You could spice up your teaching podcast by having guests (even your fellow coursemates) join you and have a fun revision discussion.

As with blogging, there are many free podcast hosting sites you can use like Podbean or Buzzsprout.


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