5 Ways to Demonstrate Integrity on Your Team

Caitlyn Knuth
August 28, 2022

Teamwork in life is important, but nobody ever said it was easy. Whether at home or in the office, getting people with different perspectives and experiences to work together harmoniously can be a challenge.

While there are many factors to consider when building a strong and lasting team, integrity is a vital component. Going beyond a single skill or ability, integrity is a collection of personal traits that demonstrate a person is willing and able to commit to a set of principles. Within the realm of teambuilding, integrity shows that a person is committed to the overall good of the group by being accountable every step of the way.

Much like teamwork, integrity isn’t always simple or easy. However, it is important for group growth. It fosters a positive place for teams to thrive and creates an environment of resilience, too. The following are just 5 of many ways to demonstrate integrity on your team.

1.Hand Out Credit Willingly

Receiving credit for a job well done always feels good. Being able to hand out credit where it’s deserved is a testament to integrity. Whether it’s a simple hand-written note thanking someone for their help, or a team email sent out commending a certain colleague for their efforts in a successful venture, credit goes a long way towards building camaraderie.

2. Take Responsibility for Your Own Actions

Building a resilient team that supports one another can only happen when everyone is willing to take responsibility for their own actions. Owning up to mistakes, missteps, and shortcomings is a difficult, but clear way to demonstrate integrity to your team.

It shows everyone you’re willing to be accountable and move towards finding a solution to the problem. While it can be hard to swallow pride and admit a mistake, your team will remember your willingness to step up and respect you all the more for it.

3. Hold Yourself Accountable, Even When Nobody Notices

It can be tempting to let ethical guidelines slip when nobody is around to notice the difference. However, demonstrating authentic integrity means sticking to your principles even when nobody is watching.

In the workplace, this could be as simple as staying around until the end of your shift instead of leaving early when the boss isn’t in the office. At home, it could be taking care of a chore that you’ve promised to, even if nobody else would notice it didn’t get done. A clear commitment to keeping your word is a sure way to set an example of integrity.

4. Show Up on Time and Meet Those Deadlines

Integrity is linked to actions that show you are both a reliable and dependable person. A great way to demonstrate integrity of this kind to a team is to always be the one that shows up on time. Whether it’s a meeting, a normal workday, or an event, being there when you said you will sends a loud and clear message to others.

The same goes for meeting deadlines of all kinds. Saying that you’ll have something done by a certain time and making sure it happens is integrity at its most basic, and finest.

5. Communicate Openly

From difficult conversations to casual encounters, a person who communicates openly and authentically is demonstrating integrity to their teammates. When others see that you are someone they can approach and have honest conversations with, no matter what the topic may be, you set a standard of integrity that makes your team stronger. Building trust through communication is key to a long-lasting team structure built on a foundation of integrity.

Invest in Demonstrating Integrity

Demonstrating integrity to your teammates is a chance to garner both respect and responsibility going forward. Integrity can promote better relationships within teams, and sets a transparent standard everyone can rally around. The reward of seeing your team grow stronger over time makes it all worth the effort.

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