3 Customized and Fun Online Learning Options to Expand Your Horizons

Caitlyn Knuth
September 21, 2022

Learning always looks different for everyone depending on our experiences. There’s a good chance our feelings about learning continue to change as we go through life.

As children, traditional schooling approaches may not have necessarily felt like the ideal fit for successful learning. The good news is that as adults, we have options to “redo” our learning experiences and customize our educational focus to fit our interests!

When you find yourself longing to learn something new, but you’re determined to do it in a personalized way this time around, there are refreshingly vast online options out there. Picking and choosing from virtual class options can be empowering. It’s also a great chance to expand your horizons in your very own way. The following are 3 options to look at when you’re ready to switch things up on the educational front and expand that knowledge base your way.

1.Give Photography a Try

Snapping photos on our phones feels like it has become a normal part of daily existence. However, really digging into the fundamentals of photography is something entirely different!

If photography is something you’ve always been interested in but never felt you had time to delve into, taking an online photography class that covers the basics is a great way to expand your educational horizons. It’s also a sure way to add to your skillset lineup for future endeavors.

This Basics of Photography course is free and ideal for beginners from start to finish. While it’s just one of many on the digital market, it’s extremely comprehensive and user-friendly! Along the way, you’ll learn how a digital camera works, compositional techniques, and editing insights, as well. Students can complete the course at their own pace giving them plenty of time to get out into the world and try techniques as they learn new skills.

2. Incorporate Language Learning into Your Routine

In an ever-more connected world, learning a second language is becoming an increasingly important skill. Not only can a second language give you a competitive edge in the workplace, but it allows you to connect with fascinating people across countries and cultures! Learning a second language has also been linked to improved memory and multi-tasking skills.  

While taking an in-person class can be a good way to meet others with similar educational interests, online platforms like Duolingo are free to use and can be accessed daily from the comfort of home. Students on this platform can customize their settings according to practice goals and can go back and review difficult sections at their own pace. Duolingo has paid options to upgrade the platform when you’re looking to increase the difficulty level of course offerings. You can also upgrade when you’re looking to connect with online conversation experiences, too.

3. Take Coding Lessons That Fit Your Schedule

Coding is quickly becoming a central foundation for how many companies do business. As a professional industry, coding is on the rise and filled with exciting potential. If you’re interested in learning coding basics on the side as a way to move towards a potential career change later, there are ample options for getting started online that can easily fit a busy schedule.

Code Academy is just one of many routes to turning an interest in coding into a solid skill. Code Academy offers easy-to-use and hands-on learning options online that can be tailored to interests in becoming an engineer, data scientist, web developer, or UX expert just to name a few. Basic courses are offered free of charge while options to upgrade depending on the level of expertise you’re hoping to achieve are accessible. This site is suitable for individual learners and teams of learners alike.

Learning as a Personalized Adventure

It can be tough to break out of the mindset that learning later in life has to follow those same rigid structures many of us were introduced to as children. However, giving it a try by starting an online course that solely meets your interests is an amazing step in the right direction! When you’re learning something new simply because you love it, there’s more room to grow than you might have imagined. What are you waiting for? Let the learning begin!

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