Are you living the Wealthy Way? Take the quiz to find out.

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Are you living the Wealthy Way?

Take the quiz to find out.

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Everything you know about building wealth is wrong.

There is a way to build wealth that leaves you tired and poor in every other area of your life… or there is a way to build wealth that allows you to become rich in all aspects of life. When you choose the second path, the money naturally follows.

It’s become apparent to me that people have the misconception about what wealth really is. Most think that it’s about making money, buying assets, and having nice things. And in order to achieve those things, you have to sacrifice in other areas of your life.  

I saw this version of “wealth” play out again and again with very rich and successful people that I know. They would pursue their work relentlessly, chasing riches, and it would destroy their health and their family. Their focus on financial gains would pull them further and further away from their faith. All in the pursuit of doing what society deems successful. This is not the way!

As I started building my businesses, I began to document my journey on social media. On all of my social media channels, I noticed I kept receiving one question, asked many ways. People wanted to know how I was able to balance my life, not just my money. How was I able to run six different businesses doing tens of millions in revenue while also staying in shape, not working weekends, and spending quality time with my family?

Spoiler Alert: I don’t have super powers or anything special that allows me to do it. I never had a lifestyle mentor or someone that told me to live this way. Simply put, it’s obvious to me that the goal in life isn’t to make the most money or build the biggest company. The goal is to live in abundance on all aspects of life.

But the question is how?

This question and the people who keep asking it are why I decided to create the Wealth Way. I believe anyone can live a truly abundant life with the right tools and community. That’s why I created these tools and am giving them away for FREE. I have realized over the years that the less I pursue money, the more I actually make, and I get more time to pursue the things that matter most. I want you to be able to do the same and pursue the things that matter the most to YOU.

If you want to live a truly wealthy life, please use all the tools on this website and join our community of Wealth Builders! I believe it will change your life more than you could ever imagine.

The Wealthy Way



Develop a skill set that is able to generate you income in order to begin to build your foundation.


Create a team and tools around you that gives you your time back so you can focus on growing.


Scale and create exponential progress in order to succeed in all areas of your life.

To live a truly abundant life, you must focus on your:


You can’t have balance without faith.


Improve your knowledge and mindset.


Your business, career, investments, and money.


A way of life that supports your goals.


Wealth is all about people.


The crucial component to longevity.


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Are you living the Wealthy Way? Take the quiz to find out.

Take the Quiz Now

Use our free resources to learn how.

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